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We are a full-service law firm. The core of our business consists of legal services for the corporate and financial sectors, principally in the areas of banking and finance–both corporate and commercial– investment funds, dispute resolution, private equity and private wealth.


Our core service is the provision of independent directors, managing member, general partner and trustee services to investment funds, partnerships, private companies and structured finance vehicles established in the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus and other jurisdictions around the world.


Ridge Allied Corporation Limited is the leading firm in its field, a position we continue to maintain through the quality of the people we hire and the continuing professional development we provide. In joining us, we will help you to develop and broaden your skills.

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As we are a market leader in the provision of fiduciary services and structured finance vehicles, our clients choose to work with us because of our expertise and solid reputation.

We operate in a number of jurisdictions in key financial markets, such as the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Austria, and Luxembourg. Our global network of offices cover all time zones and key world jurisdictions. We employ the very best people to ensure that we deliver the highest-quality legal advice and professional client services for which we have already won a number of awards.



Cyprus enjoys an international reputation as a low tax jurisdiction and as a Centre of excellence for financial services. Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, east of Greece. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of its most popular tourist destinations. Taking into consideration and acknowledging the competition targeting Cyprus from other low tax or no tax jurisdictions, we remain confident that Cyprus continues to provide a complete value proposition for foreign investors as a financial and Fiduciary Business Centre.

BVI, Belize and Seychelles

British Virgin Islands, Belize or Seychelles offshore companies are offering various tax benefits to non-residents, thus promoting what is called offshore business. Are extremely popular and widely perceived as offshore tax havens. BVI Company formation offers a host of benefits not readily available in most other jurisdictions. The concessions and benefits may come in different forms. It may be a zero income tax for all (British Virgin Islands Business Companies), a complete tax exemption for all international business operated by non-residents (Seychelles or Belize International Business Companies), an ultra-low income tax for international businesses (Seychelles Special License Companies pay 1.5% tax), local tax exemption for investments (Portugal, Iceland); In addition, some countries offer superior legal protection from creditors and potential litigants who might attempt to seize an individuals’ wealth. This is the other most important reason why offshore jurisdictions are so popular – asset protection.


Luxembourg is one of the largest global financial Centers, benefiting from flexible and attractive legal, regulatory and tax regimes and a significant concentration of professional service providers to the financial services industry.
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